2015 Softball
Record: 0-0 Home: 0-0 Away: 0-0 Neutral: 0-0 WHAC: 0-0
Softball - Tue, Mar. 8, 2011

Game 1- Olivet Nazarene University vs. Cornerstone University


Cornerstone University suffered their first loss of the day to the Tigers of Olivet Nazerene University. Despite jumping on top in the first inning, Cornerstone was unable to keep up with the offensive power of O.N.U. Heidi Warmelink faced her first loss of the season. Jessica Kuhlman scored two runs for the Ealges, had two hits in the game, including a base hit and a double. Heidi Warmelink also had two hits in the game and two R.B.I.'s, hitting Kuhlman in twice. Madison Bucilla led the team with three hits in the game, scoring once and also stole a base. Rachel Gruppen and Dinah Gruppen also contributed one hit a piece. The final score was 16-4.


Game 2- Cornerstone University vs. Rockhurst University


The Eagles of Rockhurst University handed the Golden Eagles their second loss of the day. Madison Bucilla pitched the first five innings for Cornerstone. Heidi Warmelink came in to finish the game in the sixth inning. Although it looked like a long shot for the Golden Eagles to challenge the Eagles after the first four innings, Cornerstone kept fighting. Scoring four runs in the fifth inning, Cornerstone showed their desire to compete. After falling behind 7 to 1 in the fifth, the Eagles continued to chip away. Tahni Bruno and Madison Bucilla led the team with two hits a piece. Melanie Creager led the team with R.B.I.'s with two, driving in two runs with a double in the fifth. Jessica Kuhlman led the team in runs scored and scored twice for the Golden Eagles. Rachel Gruppen and Lisa Peppel both contributed one hit a piece for the Golden Eagles. The final score was 9-4.

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