Golden Eagles - Fri, Oct. 8, 2010

Nothing like starting the year out with a bang.

Dave Grube, who in September began his eighth year as Cornerstone University athletic director, has been named the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Director of the Year for 2009-2010.

To most people, athletic directors schedule games and hire coaches. Those in athletic administration understand that the job has a much longer reach.

"Like anything else, you don't know until you do it," Grube said. "Most people don't understand the totality of the job, the multi-tasking that is involved. Especially at a school this size, where so many people have to wear different hats."

There are more than 200 athletes at Cornerstone, taking part in 13 different sports. Next year that number will jump with the addition of men's and women's tennis, and bringing back women's golf.

"You have to be creative and have a good staff," Grube said. "And we all have to understand what our mission is, both for the department and the university. This is different than a state school, our priorities don't just include our student-athletes and their academics, but also their spiritual life, their faith formation.

"We want them to be prepared for life beyond Cornerstone, we want them to be godly husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. We want them to be a living testimony in everything they do as adults."

Grube's job involves staff oversight and development, facility development, student academic achievement, Champions of Character and the all-important role of chief fund raiser for the athletic department.

"We know we will never have all of the money we need to do the things we want to do," Grube said. "But we are thankful for what we have and we want to maximize it, use well what we have."

In Grube's first seven years at Cornerstone, the Golden Eagles have won 15 WHAC championships, nine WHAC tournament championships, 2 Regional titles and won the WHAC All-Sports trophy for the first time in Cornerstone history.

"We always strive for excellence, because that is pleasing to God," Grube went on. "He gives us our talents, and He expects the best out of each of us, as students, professors, coaches, whatever role we play.

"So we approach each day, each class or event, and focus on how we can honor God and use what He has given us for His glory."

Grube serves on the NAIA National Administrative Council, as vice-chair of the NAIA Experience and Enhancement Committee, is on the NAIA Champions of Character Integration Committee, the NAIA Champions of Character advisory board and is vice-president of the WHAC Board of Directors.

He is also involved in community and church activities, as well as being a board member for the West Michigan Sports Commission.

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