2015-16 Women's Basketball
Record: 16-14 Home: 8-4 Away: 8-8 Neutral: 0-2 WHAC: 14-8
Robyn Veltkamp led all Golden Eagles with 21 points.
Robyn Veltkamp led all Golden Eagles with 21 points.
University of Northwestern Ohio
Women's Basketball - Wed, Jan. 16, 2013


Cornerstone University 60 University of Northwestern Ohio 61


Lima, Ohio


Cornerstone – Robyn Veltkamp (21 points)
University of Northwestern Ohio –Shaye Warman (20 points)

Cornerstone – Jill Hendrickson (14 rebounds)
University of Northwestern Ohio – Kylie Kahlig (5 rebounds)

Cornerstone –Robyn Veltkamp (4 assists)
University of Northwestern Ohio – Angie Cates (4 assists)


The Golden Eagles shot 39.7% from the field during the game compared to University of Northwestern Ohio's 33.8% shot percentage during Wednesday night's contest.  The Golden Eagles dominated the glass with a 57-27 rebound advantage over the Racers.    



During their conference season opener in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Nov. 17th the Golden Eagles welcomed University of Northwestern Ohio.  The game went in favor of Cornerstone highlighting Robyn Veltkamp's career high 31 points.  On Wednesday, the Golden Eagles traveled to Lima, Ohio, looking to repeat the victory from earlier this season.  Robyn Veltkamp led the way again for Cornerstone with a game-high 21 points but the Golden Eagles fell to the Racers in a close 61-60 contest.

Cornerstone went ahead eight points after a Jill Hendrickson jumper in the first half to give the visiting team a 12-4 advantage.  However, heading into the locker room the Racers took a 34-31 advantage.  During the second half of play, Veltkamp scored 12 of her 21 points while Kathy DeYoung and Jill Hendrickson grabbed six rebounds helping Cornerstone take back the lead.  After a pair of free throws sunk by Janae Trombley, the Golden Eagles were down by one with just one minute left.  Cornerstone's Ashley Niedermayer stole the ball from Saige Meyer with 39 seconds left but Cornerstone was unable to convert a basket leaving the final, 61-60, in favor of the Racers.

After the loss, Cornerstone drops to 13-7 overall and 7-5 during conference play as they prepare for Saturday afternoon's conference game against Marygrove College.  The Racers improve their overall record to 8-12 and their conference record to 5-7. 



The Golden Eagles host Marygrove College on Saturday with game time set for 1 p.m.  

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