2015 Women's Volleyball
Record: 27-11 Home: 11-2 Away: 7-4 Neutral: 9-5 WHAC: 15-7
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Volleyball - Mon, Oct. 1, 2012

Today, Cornerstone athletics continues its volleyball feature; "Spiking it with " Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the season, fans will have an opportunity to get to know the Golden Eagles a bit better through a question-and-answer session. Today, the series continues with sophomore outside hitter, Cailie Johnson.

Johnson, a transfer student from Grand Valley State, has played in 15 of the 16 matches with 56 sets played in the 2012 season for head coach Ryan Campbell. The Rockford native tallied a season-high 18 kills against Indiana South Bend on August 24 in the UM-Dearborn Tournament. 

For a more personal introduction to Cailie Johnson, read on

The best part about being on the Golden Eagle's Volleyball team? Making music videos on the bus.

Other than volleyball, my favorite sport to play is Badminton

When I have an hour of free time, I like to Ponder life's great challenges.

If I won a million dollars, I would Buy a zoo.

If someone would look at the songs on my iPod, I would be embarrassed for them to see I have A plethora of 90's boy band music.

It is not good for you, but I still eat Spam

A place I would like to visit one day is Iowa, I hear it is really interesting.

If you could eat dinner with three other people (living or dead) who would they be? Jesus, Michael Jackson, and Will Ferrel. We would have a riveting discussion.

Who is your favorite Bible character and why? Noah because he built an arc.

When surfing the Internet, what website do you visit the most frequently? Pokemon.com

What is something about you that other people don't know? I used to be afraid of old people.

Who is your favorite Superhero and why? Batman because he has a sick car.

What cartoon character are you most like? SpongeBob because I live in a pineapple under the sea.

After graduation, I would like to Never read a textbook again.

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