2015 Women's Soccer
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The Haitian women's national soccer team during the playing of the Haitian national anthem
The Haitian women's national soccer team during the playing of the Haitian national anthem
Women's Soccer - Thu, Aug. 23, 2012

The Cornerstone University Women's Soccer program hosted a friendly contest Thursday night against the Haitian women's national soccer team. The CU women's soccer program raised respectively $4,000 for the Haitian team and $1,000 to a Cornerstone alumna, Mallery Neptune and her organization, Haiti Foundation Against Poverty. Meanwhile, donations at the entrance to the game collected roughly $1,800 more for the Haiti foundation Against Poverty. The event attracted the largest crowd ever to see a men's or women's soccer match on campus. With an estimated 1,000 fans packed tight into the bleachers and some stood along the sidelines and corners of the field to watch these two teams play. Amongst the crowd were the local club organization, PASS FC, and local Haitian people out to support their country.

With the fans roaring and the sounds of vuvuzelas coming from the stands, the scoreboard remained empty until the last five minutes of the first half. The Haitians were able to score a pair of top notch goals to head into halftime. The score stayed the same for the remainder of the game with the final score edging the Haitian women over the Cornerstone women, 2-0. The Haitians were able to control the tempo of the game and as a result came out with a victory. Even though it is a loss, the CU women were able to learn from the Haiti squad by their fast and technical play. The Golden Eagles will take this experience, get better, and apply it to their upcoming season. Overall it was a wonderful experience for both teams.

In events leading up to Thursday's match, both teams spent a part of their week taking part in PASS FC's soccer camp, eating lunch in Cornerstone's cafeteria, and making a trip to a local favorite, Gus', for ice cream. The Haitian team was also able to experience dorm life as they stayed overnight on the Cornerstone campus. The Golden Eagles were able to spend some time bonding with the Haitian women even if there was a language barrier. All these women have a common bond that brings them together and that is the love of the game.

The Haitian women's national team has been touring the U.S. and playing matches against colleges since April in order to prepare for the attempt to qualify for the next women's World Cup in 2015. If the team qualifies, it will be the first time in history for the women of Haiti. The team is scheduled to return to their nation's capital, Port-au-Prince, on September 16.
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