2014-15 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
154:00PMMen's Soccer @ Taylor University
157:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Taylor University
195:00PMMen's Soccer @ Western Michigan University
223:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Truett-McConnell College
 Montreat College Tournament
233:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Montreat College
 Montreat College Tournament
274:00PMMen's Tennis @ Goshen College
274:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Goshen College
295:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Saint Ambrose University
 Trinity Christian / St. Xavier Tournament
299:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Trinity Christian College
 Trinity Christian / St. Xavier Tournament
30 Women's GolfFurniture City Classic hosted by Davenport University (Mines GC)
3010:30AMMen's Cross CountryVanderbilt Invitational at Hope College
3011:15AMWomen's Cross CountryVanderbilt Invitational at Hope College
301:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Lindsey Wilson
 Trinity Christian / St. Xavier Tournament
303:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Roosevelt University
 Trinity Christian / St. Xavier Tournament
304:30PMMen's Soccer @ Purdue University Calumet
 Game is 3:30 Central Time
307:00PMWomen's Soccer @ University of Saint Francis
37:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Aquinas College
 "80's Night"
511:00AMWomen's GolfWHAC Jamboree #1 @ Concordia (Polo Fields CC)
512:00PMMen's Soccer @ Morningside College
 Northwestern/Morningside Pizza Ranch Classic
54:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Indiana University-South Bend
57:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Lincoln Christian University
6 Men's Tennis @ University of Saint Francis
6 Women's Tennis @ University of Saint Francis
611:00AMMen's GolfWHAC Jamboree #1 @ Madonna (Eagle Crest GC)
62:30PMMen's Tennis @ Huntington University
62:30PMWomen's Tennis @ Huntington University
66:00PMMen's Soccer @ Northwestern College
 Northwestern/Morningside Pizza Ranch Classic
67:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Huntington University
 "Night of Nets"
84:00PMMen's Soccer (JV) @ Aquinas College
107:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Spring Arbor University
107:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Madonna University
11 Men's Tennis @ TBA
 ITA Midwest Regionals, Sept. 11-13
11 Women's Tennis @ TBA
 ITA Midwest Regionals
1111:00AMWomen's GolfWHAC Jamboree #2 @ Davenport (Stonewater CC)
124:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Kuyper College
127:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Lawrence Technological University
1310:00AMMen's Cross CountryKnight Invitational at Calvin College
1310:00AMWomen's Cross CountryKnight Invitational at Calvin College
131:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Marygrove College
132:30PMMen's Soccer @ Holy Cross College
137:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Grace Bible College
1512:00PMMen's GolfWHAC Jamboree #2 @ Cornerstone (Sunnybrook CC)
157:00PMMen's Soccer (JV) @ Davenport University
167:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Goshen College
17 Women's GolfAquinas College Invitational (Scott Lake Country Club)
173:30PMMen's Soccer (JV) vs. Lawrence Technological University
177:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Saint Xavier University
177:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Siena Heights University
191:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Hannibal-LaGrange University
 Olivet Nazarene University Tournament
195:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Columbia College
 Olivet Nazarene University Tournament
197:00PMMen's Soccer (JV) vs. Kuyper College
208:30AMWomen's Softball vs. TBA
 Aquinas Tournament
2010:00AMWomen's Volleyball @ Grand View University
 Olivet Nazarene University Tournament
201:00PMWomen's Softball vs. TBA
 Aquinas Tournament
202:30PMWomen's Softball vs. TBA
 Aquinas Tournament
203:00PMMen's Tennis @ Judson College
203:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Judson College
204:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Trinity Christian College
 Olivet Nazarene University Tournament
207:00PMMen's Soccer @ Goshen College
2210:00AMMen's GolfLawrence Tech. Invitational (Plum Hollow CC)
233:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Rochester College
2411:00AMWomen's GolfWHAC Jamboree #3 @ Indiana Tech (Coyote Creek GC)
247:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Davenport University
 "Alumni Night"
262:30PMMen's Tennis vs. Bethel College
 Night of Nets, played at Northpointe Christian High School
262:30PMWomen's Tennis vs. Bethel College
 Night of Nets, played at Northpointe Christian High School
266:00PMMen's Cross CountryBrissman-Lundeen Invitational at Augustana College
266:00PMWomen's Cross CountryBrissman-Lundeen Invitational at Augustana College
267:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
2710:00AMMen's Tennis vs. Taylor University
 MVP Sportsplex
2711:00AMMen's GolfWHAC Jamboree #3 @ Siena Heights (Lenawee CC)
2711:00AMWomen's Softball vs. TBA
 Alumni Day
2711:00AMWomen's Tennis vs. Taylor University
 MVP Athletic Club, Crahen
271:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Lourdes University
273:00PMMen's Soccer @ Aquinas College
273:00PMWomen's Soccer @ University of Northwestern Ohio
297:00PMMen's Soccer (JV) vs. Aquinas College
3011:00AMWomen's GolfWHAC Jamboree #4 @ Madonna (Fox Hill GC)
17:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Siena Heights UniversityLive Stats
17:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Indiana Institute of TechnologyLive VideoLive AudioLive Stats
17:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. University of Northwestern OhioLive VideoLive Stats
33:30PMMen's Tennis @ Indiana University Southeast
37:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ University of Michigan-Dearborn
48:30AMWomen's Softball vs. Kalamazoo College
 Calvin College Tournament
410:15AMWomen's Softball vs. St. Mary's
 Calvin College Tournament
411:00AMMen's Tennis @ Georgetown College
41:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Concordia University
42:00PMWomen's Softball vs. TBA
 Calvin College Tournament
44:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. Concordia UniversityLive Stats
47:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Concordia UniversityLive Stats
610:00AMMen's GolfWHAC Jamboree #4 @ Davenport (Stonewater CC)
73:30PMMen's Soccer (JV) vs. Calvin College
74:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Lawrence Technological University
84:00PMMen's Soccer @ Madonna University
87:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Aquinas College
10 Men's GolfWHAC Jamboree #5 @ Lourdes (Sylvannia CC)
102:00PMMen's Cross CountryJayhawk Invitational at Muskegon Comunity College
102:00PMWomen's Cross CountryJayhawk Invitational at Muskegon Comunity College
1111:00AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Preview Meet
1111:00AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Preview Meet
1111:00AMWomen's GolfWHAC Jamboree #5 @ Siena Heights (Lenawee CC)
113:00PMMen's Soccer @ University of Northwestern Ohio
114:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Aquinas College
115:00PMMen's Soccer (JV) vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
153:00PMMen's Soccer @ Lawrence Technological University
157:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Madonna UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
1812:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Marygrove College
182:00PMMen's Soccer (JV) vs. Northwestern Michigan College
182:30PMMen's Soccer @ University of Michigan-Dearborn
182:30PMWomen's Volleyball @ Lawrence Technological University
184:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. Marygrove CollegeLive Stats
20 Men's GolfKohler Collegiate Classic Day 1 (Whistling Straits GC)
203:30PMMen's Soccer (JV) vs. Davenport University
21 Men's GolfKohler Collegiate Classic Day 2 (Whistling Straits GC)
227:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Davenport UniversityLive Stats
227:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Davenport University
227:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Siena Heights UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
245:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Spring Arbor UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 AQ/CU Classic (Hosted by Cornerstone University - Grand Rapids, Mich.)
248:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Goshen CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
 AQ/CU Classic (Hosted by Cornerstone University - Grand Rapids, Mich.)
2510:00AMWomen's Volleyball vs. Rochester CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
 AQ/CU Classic (Hosted by Cornerstone University - Grand Rapids, Mich.)
2510:30AMMen's Soccer (JV) @ Lawrence Technological University
2511:00AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Great Lakes Invitational
2511:00AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Great Lakes Invitational
251:00PMWomen's Volleyball vs. William Penn UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 AQ/CU Classic (Hosted by Cornerstone University - Grand Rapids, Mich.)
254:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. Madonna UniversityLive Stats
257:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Marygrove CollegeLive Stats
284:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Saint Xavier UniversityLive Stats
294:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Cleary UniversityLive Stats
297:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ Davenport University
307:00PMMen's Basketball @ Grace Bible CollegeLive Audio
110:00AMWomen's Volleyball @ Lourdes University
12:00PMMen's Soccer (JV) @ Northwestern Michigan College
12:30PMWomen's Volleyball @ University of Michigan-Dearborn
13:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Kuyper CollegeLive VideoLive Audio
14:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. Siena Heights UniversityLive Stats
17:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Indiana Institute of TechnologyLive Stats
57:00PMWomen's Basketball @ University of Saint Francis
57:00PMWomen's Volleyball @ University of Northwestern Ohio
76:00PMMen's Basketball @ Spring Arbor UniversityLive Audio
 WHAC/Crossroads League Challenge at Aquinas
8 Women's Basketball @ Trinity International University
810:00AMMen's Cross CountryWHAC Championships
810:00AMWomen's Cross CountryWHAC Championships
810:00AMWomen's Volleyball vs. Indiana Institute of TechnologyLive VideoLive Stats
81:00PMMen's Basketball @ Indiana Wesleyan UniversityLive Audio
 WHAC/Crossroads League Challenge at Aquinas
84:30PMWomen's Volleyball vs. Concordia UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 "Senior Day"
10 Women's Basketball vs. Rochester College
14 Women's Volleyball vs. TBA
 WHAC Quarterfinals
15 Women's Volleyball vs. TBA
 WHAC Semifinal and Final
151:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Madonna University
153:00PMMen's Basketball @ Madonna UniversityLive Audio
195:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Lourdes University
197:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Lourdes UniversityLive VideoLive Audio
22 Women's Volleyball vs. TBA
 NAIA Opening Round
2211:30AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Championships
2211:30AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Championships
221:00PMWomen's Basketball @ University of Northwestern Ohio
223:00PMMen's Basketball @ University of Northwestern OhioLive Audio
256:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Siena Heights University
257:30PMMen's Basketball @ Siena Heights UniversityLive Audio
286:00PMMen's Basketball @ HopeLive Audio
 Grand Rapids Hall of Fame Classic at Aquinas
29 Women's Basketball @ Indiana Wesleyan University
296:00PMMen's Basketball @ Calvin CollegeLive Audio
 Grand Rapids Hall of Fame Classic at Aquinas
2 Women's Volleyball vs. TBA
 NAIA National Tournament
35:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of Michigan-Dearborn
37:30PMMen's Basketball vs. University of Michigan-DearbornLive VideoLive Audio
61:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Davenport University
63:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Davenport UniversityLive VideoLive Audio
131:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Concordia University
133:00PMMen's Basketball @ Concordia UniversityLive Audio
165:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Spring Arbor University
18 Men's Basketball @ Saint Thomas University
 Northwood Tournament
187:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Bethel College
19 Men's Basketball @ Northwood University
 Northwood Tournament
29 Women's Basketball @ TBA
 Northwood University Tournament
30 Women's Basketball @ TBA
 Northwood University Tournament
31:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Lawrence Technological University
37:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Lawrence Technological UniversityLive VideoLive Audio
75:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
77:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Indiana Institute of TechnologyLive VideoLive Audio
101:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Marygrove College
103:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Marygrove CollegeLive VideoLive Audio
146:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Aquinas College
148:00PMMen's Basketball @ Aquinas CollegeLive Audio
171:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Concordia University
177:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Concordia UniversityLive VideoLive Audio
215:30PMWomen's Basketball @ University of Michigan-Dearborn
217:30PMMen's Basketball @ University of Michigan-DearbornLive Audio
241:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Davenport University
243:00PMMen's Basketball @ Davenport UniversityLive Audio
286:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Lourdes University
288:00PMMen's Basketball @ Lourdes UniversityLive Audio
311:00PMWomen's Basketball @ University of Northwestern Ohio
313:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of Northwestern OhioLive VideoLive Audio
45:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Indiana Institute of Technology
47:30PMMen's Basketball @ Indiana Institute of TechnologyLive Audio
71:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Madonna University
73:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Madonna UniversityLive VideoLive Audio
115:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Siena Heights University
117:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Siena Heights UniversityLive VideoLive Audio
126:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Calvin College
133:00PMMen's Tennis @ TBA
 West Michigan Doubles Tournament at Hope College
141:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Marygrove College
143:00PMMen's Basketball @ Marygrove CollegeLive VideoLive Audio
185:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Aquinas College
187:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Aquinas CollegeLive VideoLive Audio
2110:00AMMen's Tennis @ Albion College
2110:00AMWomen's Tennis @ Albion College
211:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Lawrence Technological University
213:00PMMen's Basketball @ Lawrence Technological UniversityLive Audio
28 Women's Tennis @ Southeastern University
 Spring Break- Orlando, FL
289:00AMMen's Tennis @ Southeastern University
 Spring Break
2 Men's Tennis vs. Morningside College
 Spring Break
2 Men's Tennis @ Augustana College
 Spring Break
2 Women's Tennis vs. Morningside College
2 Women's Tennis @ Augustana College
 Spring Break
3 Men's Tennis @ King's College
 Spring Break
3 Women's Tennis @ King's College
 Spring Break
43:00PMMen's Tennis @ Ave Maria University
 Spring Break
43:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Ave Maria University
 Spring Break- Orlando, FL
53:00PMMen's Tennis @ Webber International
 Spring Break
53:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Webber International
 Spring Break- Orlando, FL
106:00PMMen's Tennis @ Calvin College
14 Women's Tennis @ Cardinal Stritch University
143:00PMMen's Tennis @ Cardinal Stritch University
21 Men's Tennis @ Lawrence Technological University
21 Women's Tennis @ Lawrence Technological University
27 Men's Tennis vs. Indiana Wesleyan University
85:00PMMen's Tennis @ Davenport University
85:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Davenport University
11 Men's Tennis vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
11 Women's Tennis vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
14 Men's Tennis @ Aquinas College
17 Men's Tennis @ Grace College
17 Women's Tennis @ Grace College
18 Men's Tennis @ University of Northwestern Ohio
18 Women's Tennis @ University of Northwestern Ohio
21 Men's Tennis vs. Spring Arbor University
21 Women's Tennis vs. Spring Arbor University
  • Yesterday - Men's Soccer (JV) vs Aquinas College - Canceled
  • Sep. 27 - Men's Golf @ WHAC Jamboree #3 @ Siena Heights (Lenawee CC) - 8th of 11
  • Sep. 27 - Women's Soccer vs 11University of Northwestern Ohio - L 0-1 - recap
  • Sep. 27 - Men's Soccer vs Aquinas College - T 0-0 (2OT) - recap
  • Sep. 27 - Women's Tennis vs Taylor University - L 0-9 - recap - stats
  • Sep. 27 - Men's Tennis vs Taylor University - W 9-0 - recap - stats
  • Sep. 27 - Women's Volleyball vs Lourdes University - W 25-20,25-23,25-16 - recap
  • Sep. 26 - (19) Women's Cross Country @ Brissman-Lundeen Invitational at Augustana College - 6th of 34
  • Sep. 26 - Men's Cross Country @ Brissman-Lundeen Invitational at Augustana College - 12th of 38
  • Sep. 26 - Women's Tennis vs Bethel College - L 3-6 - recap - stats